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Guru ngaji - S1 Al Azhar, Mesir, S2 Darul Hadits, Maroko - Dosen UIN Suska Riau - IG kantor @tafaqquhonline | Youtube Official: Tafaqquh Video

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Abdul Somad Batubara (born May 18, 1977) is an Indonesian Islamic preacher and ulama from Asahan, North Sumatra. He is known for his lectures on various religious issues, especially regarding hadith studies and Islamic jurisprudence. In addition, he often discusses trending topics in the Muslim community and society, such as nationalism. His dawah and lectures are characterized by unique rhetoric and humor that attract layman as well, and often broadcast through the YouTube channel and other social media. He is currently also serving as a lecturer at the Sultan Syarif Kasim II State Islamic University (UIN Suska) in Riau. In addition to his lecture, he authors several books, among them are translations of Arabic publications, and religious guides regarding individual subjects such as qurbani and salah.

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