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黒白²豆麦LOVEなたまねぎです。 愛犬と孫をこよなく愛する犬バカ孫バカばんざ~い婆です! JAPAN  standardPoodle :Qoo&Riku&Gaku/granddaughter:mame/grandson:mugi ※写真無断転載禁止 💕『大きなボク小さなわたし』発売中💕

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Altogether たまねぎ has 546,703 followers and follows 381 on Instagram. Since joining Instagram たまねぎ has posted around 960 photos and videos there altogether.

As of now たまねぎ is verified profile on Instagram.The website url of たまねぎ Instagram is https://www.instagram.com/tamanegi.qoo.riku

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たまねぎ (tamanegi.qoo.riku)'s Instagram User Id is : 2220871529

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