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Mai Shiranui (Japanese: 不知火舞, Hepburn: Shiranui Mai) (alternatively written しらぬい まい) is a player character in the Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters series of fighting games by SNK. She has also appeared in other media of these franchises and in a number of other games since her debut in 1992's Fatal Fury 2 as the first female character in an SNK fighting game. She also appears in the games' various manga and anime adaptations, and plays a leading role in the live-action film.

In the series' canon lore, Mai is a modern-world young female ninja and the granddaughter of the ninjutsu master Hanzo Shiranui, with the ability to create and control fire. She is a founding member of the King of Fighters Tournament's Women Fighters Team and is madly in love with the American fighter Andy Bogard who is ambiguous about their relationship but she chases him endlessly.

Largely due to her sex appeal, Mai has become one of the most popular, recognizable and celebrated female characters of the fighting game genre and video gaming in general, especially in Japan, China and some other East Asian countries, and often being compared to Capcom's Chun-Li. She has also become SNK's primary sex symbol and mascot character featured in many merchandise products and representing the company in many crossover and spin-off titles, in addition to licensed appearances in numerous games by other companies, as well as becoming a trendy subject of cosplay and modeling.

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