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Ganjar Pranowo is an Indonesian politician and the current governor of Central Java. He has attempted to reorganize governmental administration, ordering the acting mayor of Tegal to reform the city's bureaucracy and civil services after the Corruption Eradication Commission arrested the previous mayor.

Pranowo's tenure as governor has not been without controversy. Although he initially revoked the license of Semen Indonesia to open a cement factory in Rembang in January 2017, he was still met with student protests against continuation of the project during a visit to his alma mater Gadjah Mada University three months later.

Also during his tenure as governor, Pranowo was implicated in supposed past malfeasance, which he denied. When he'd been a representative in the People's Representative Council, Pranowo was the deputy speaker of Commission II; allegations have been brought that he was involved in the e-KTP corruption scandal. Pranowo has claimed innocence and invited the Corruption Eradication Commission to reveal their evidence against him. The Corruption Eradication Commission formally implicated Pranowo alongside other politicians in October 2017.

He won reelection in the 2018 gubernatorial election.

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